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Dealer Legal Services

Manufacturer Franchise Performance Disputes/Market Area Activity/Terminations/Forced Sales

Focus on dealer franchise law matters and manufacturer disputes under franchise agreements.


Poor sales performance/facility upgrade/capitalization issues.


Market area revisions/add points/relocations and dualing assistance.


Warranty/sales Incentive/ad program audits.


Unfair vehicle pricing program and parts/labor uplift issues.


Buy/Sell and Family/Manager Transfer Activities

Buy/Sell assistance/rights of first refusal.


Internal sales to family members/manager assistance.


Government Audits/Investigations/Complaints


Vehicle Dealer Board -- Dealer and salesperson licensing/criminal conviction issues.


PennDOT -- Registration and titling/on-site customer plate contract and inventory issues. 


                      Safety and Emission station and technician audits/violations.


Banking -- Installment seller and sales finance company audit/complaints.


                    Missed/failed license renewals/failed to secure license issues.


Attorney General/FTC -- Customer complaints with sales/service. Advertising compliance and violations.


State Police -- Customer complaints purchase/title/safety/emission violations.


                           PennDOT investigations/routine audits and odometer/salvage vehicle issues.


Revenue -- Sales tax/PTA tax audits.

Customer Complaints/Disputes/Settlements

Customer private attorney/Attorney General/Dealer Board complaints.


Assist with Mediation/Arbitration and release agreements to resolve/finalize disputes.

Vendor Contract Review/Disputes/Settlements

Pre-signing review, negotiation, impact analysis and cancellation/timing notice/exit concerns.


Signed contract impact, exit strategy/dispute/negotiation/settlement agreement assistance.

Entity Setup and Initial Licensing Assistance

Business Entity -- Choice/set up filing and filing federal EIN and PA tax and sales tax numbers.


Vehicle Dealer Board – Licenses for dealership and salespeople.


PennDOT – Dealer DIN number for titling/on-site customer plate contract filing. Safety-Emission inspection station/inspector licenses.


Banking – Installment seller license/sales finance company license


Revenue -- Sales tax and PTA tax registration filing.

Compliance with Government Requirements and Forms

PennDOT registration/titling/safety and emission rules and forms compliance.


Attorney General Buyers Order/sales and Repair Order/service form compliance.


AG/FTC print/Internet/electronic media advertising requirements pre-use review/compliance.


Customer privacy protection/GLBA/Do Not Call/E-mail/Text and Data security forms/compliance.


Customer finance/credit disclosure/red flag/identity theft/FinCEN/OFAC/TILA forms/compliance.


Follow up “PAA Dealer Compliance Reviews” sales/office/service forms/processes assistance.

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