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Peter Bauer Dealer Law understands and works with the new vehicle dealer  industry, and is passionate about
its history.
PBDL: Assisting Dealers Across PA

It is with great honor and opportunity that I have been operating a law office to serve the new vehicle dealer community across Pennsylvania: Peter Bauer Dealer Law.

​I am available to assist dealerships and industry colleagues across PA with the wide range of legal services. To demonstrate my passion to serve the dealer industry, my extensive legal knowledge and experience come with a competitive rate.


I am available to start supporting you with an initial consultation, and am looking forward to assisting you with the various dealer legal issues, as outlined in the Dealer Legal Services section attached.

PBDL: General Counseling and Compliance Activities

I have been counseling dealers and related industry businesses to manage and resolve general commercial, business, franchise, customer, regulatory and employment/labor issues.

Assisting dealers with government agency activities involving regulatory compliance, as outlined in the Dealer Legal Services section attached.

PBDL: Knowledgeable and Experienced

For those not familiar with my background, my numerous years of dealer legal experience includes:

10 years in private practice with McNees Wallace and Nurick LLC as a general counsel to numerous dealers, and assisting dealers in manufacturer, governmental, and customer issues.

PAA General Counsel/Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs for 15 years, representing the dealer industry with state and federal agencies, and assisting with drafting franchise law protections, compliance materials and programs.

Prior to joining PAA, I was Board Counsel to the PA Dealer Licensing Board for 3 years.

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